Sunday, August 29, 2010

Words Mean Things

So do monuments.

Take for example one of my favorites; a statue of a confederate soldier….standing right smack dab in the middle of the main street crossing the Potomac River leading into Alexandria Virginia from Washington DC.

His body language is unmistakable.

His back is to Washington.

It was erected in 1889 and It’s a minor miracle that the statue is still standing. First of all, the middle of a very busy street can be hazardous to statues. It’s been knocked down a couple of times in traffic accidents. Secondly, being a bedroom community for the nation’s ruling class and bureaucrats who are seemingly Hell bent on getting rid of everything we were taught was good about this country (Christianity, Freedom, Liberty, Marriage, The Constitution, etc) getting rid of a Confederate soldier with his back defiantly turned to Washington would seem to be a “no brainer.”

But, there he is….as someone once said….”standing like a stone wall.”

Maybe, the message is just not nuanced enough for the “smartest and brightest” in and around Washington . It must be that they “just don’t get it.”

Just like they can’t understand why we average Americans are outraged by the proposed “Mosque Monument” named “ Cordoba,” which in Islamic symbolic terms, means "Islamic rule in the West"……at ground zero.

I have a plan; since NASA’s new role in this current administration is not to explore outer space anymore, but to foster Muslim self esteem….and to help our anointed ones in Washington understand the meaning of at least one of those monuments, I propose that the Confederate soldier’s pants be lowered on the statue in Alexandria.

This should send a message that even our anointed ones in DC can understand….and at the same time get our country back in the “moon shot” business.  -Ed