Monday, October 04, 2010

Jennie to be Senator Jennie for 4 More Years

By Jennie Margaret Meador Forehand

Senator Jennie Forehand
Bill and I had hoped to come to Charlotte for the "LDL" lunch this month....but we may have to wait for another time. Actually, I have been v-e-r-y busy for the last six months ---- knocking on doors and running for re-election to the Maryland Senate. My opponent was a former State Representative who ran an ad implying that I was "too old." That really energized me! She wanted to be a State Senator so she could then run for Congress. (My colleagues did not want her back!) In addition, my seniority (now 32 years---16 in the Maryland House and 16 in the Senate) is very valuable, and my colleagues, staff, and community leaders convinced me to run again (they didn't have to "twist my arm" very much). Anyhow, it was a long hot summer ---knocking on doors and meeting new voters, but the primary election was Sept. 14, and I won!!! So, after minimal opposition Nov. 2, that means I will be in the Senate for another four years.

 Jennie suggests that perhaps we should have a CHS '54 reunion in Annapolis, Maryland --- which she says is a great place for tourists--lots to see and great places to eat! She adds that she could get a good group rate at the downtown historic hotel where she stays during their 3-month legislative sessions.  -Ed