Thursday, October 14, 2010

Remote Viewing

Normally, a day or so after our monthly LDL event I post pictures of the festivities. But our ace reporter/photographer Jerry Gaudet is off this week celebrating with wife Pat their 50th wedding anniversary in Niagra Falls!

And so far no other LDL attendees have sent in any snapshots of the occassion. I was afraid that might happen, so I read up on "REMOTE VIEWING 101" as well as "OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES EXPLAINED IN ONE EASY LESSON."

I ordered both these books from the Coast to Coast radio program with George Noory (see previous post.)

I think I mastered both techniques pretty good.......

As I floated over Jimmies of Mint Hill....last Tuesday.......I could actually see our group enjoying a typical LDL lunch........This is what I saw.........I think you'll agree that Remote Viewing really works!

Oh shoot! they sent me the wrong book. Instead of REMOTE VIEWING 101.....I mastered TIME TRAVELING 101. -Ed