Saturday, November 27, 2010

Calling Mr. Keen

Jerry Gaudet reports that some emails to our class members have been returned as undeliverable and letters have had no response.

Mr. Keen never had a first name

This is obviously a case for the kindly old Mr Keen, tracer of lost persons...and his faithful assistant, Mike Clancy.

Two classmates have recently gone missing or are lost:

Charles Cunningham

Ann-Elizabeth Mitchell

Emails have been returned as undeliverable and letters have had no response. If you have contact information for either of these classmates, please let Jerry know.

Those currently on our "Lost" list are:

Jim Allen
Sarah Beck Yandle
Rebecca May Brogden
Nancy Brookes Lawing
Ruth Brown Braswell
Agnes Caudell
Danny Cole
Alton Craver
Lois Dempsey
Anne Finger
John Furr
Sue Griffin Price
Carl Guest
Fred Howard
Nancy Karnes
John Keller
Kathleen Kesler
Jeanne King Kumm
Doy Lim
Ronald Little
Gary Lutteral
Sarah McWhirter Martin
Fred Merrill
Bill Moore
Esther Newell
Bill Powell
Nelda Price
Betty Purvis
Helen Ray Therrell
Rosemary Sessoms
Micheal Thompson
Bobby Tribble
Ed Turner
Bruce Wallace
Yvonne Wentz
Shirley Williams
Elizabeth Ann Wilson
Jerry Wood

(Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons was one of network radio's longest running detective shows, although listening to it now would hardly explain why. This kind, elderly, boring sleuth, in company with his bumbling assistant, Mike Clancy, was on the airwaves from 1937 to 1955, logging nearly 20 years of fighting crime.

Mr. Keen's themesong was, "Someday I'll Find You." -Ed)