Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good News at Thanksgiving Time

Jerry Gaudet reports that Judy and Tony Thomas's daughter Evelyn has done very well in surgery!

Here's the email they sent:

"Happy Thanksgiving to the Central High Lunch group. Tony and I are happy to report that our daughter's lung cancer surgery at Duke on the 12th of this month was completely successful and she has returned home to Charlotte. God is so good and so are friends like all of you who have supported us with your prayers and emails. 

Thanks to all of you; your love and friendship was felt so strongly. Tony is doing better now that he does not have this concern. Hope we can get back for lunch soon. Judy Thomas"

Amen to that!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! -JG
 I got a note from Warren Sparrow who said he talked with Neil Jones the other day...and reminisced mostly about their Seagoing adventures during their days in the US Navy. He said Neil sounds great.

Also, Warren said he had lunch in Winston Salem last week with Bonson Hobson.