Monday, November 01, 2010

Mary Sandra's Latest Movie

Jerry Gaudet reports that The Mary Sandra Schulken Costner Story is now at a theatre near you!

Well, he got my attention. And although he admits that is a little bit of an exaggeration, you'll have to agree that it's a big deal anytime one of our classmates rubs elbows with Hollywood!

Mary Sandra explains:

"I thought I would share with the class the fact that I was in a movie as an 'extra'. One that was filmed in Shelby, Charlotte, and Monroe. It is "Blood Done Sign My Name" from the book of that same name. Ricky Schroder was the lead actor. True story. It is out on DVD now. If you watch it You can see me in the choir scene behind the minister. Two of my grandchiildren are in it to and they are the ones that got me to be a 'extra' so they could go. It was an interesting experience."

Mary Sandra will be available for autographs at our next reunion.