Monday, December 13, 2010

Jennie Wins her 9th Election

Overcoming the "Too Old" slurs by her opponent, Jennie Margaret Forehand  won her Montgomery County Maryland senate race by 78% of the vote!

How did she do it?

Jennie says she did it the old fashioned way.....knocking on doors!

She knocked on so many doors that those of us who knew her at CHS suspect that she oiled up her old blue aid her in knocking on almost every door in the  county.

Too old?

Ha!, she laughed in their faces.

However, she was old enough to have served for 32 years as an elected official in her state.

The jury is still out on whether Jennie employed the "Blue Bike" tactic in her campaign, but she definitely triggered the "Obie Option:"

As she explained to the statewide press:

"Obie, was a high school classmate of mine in Charlotte who made campaign signs for my first election…and that friendship and good luck continues today. We still use the colors and design he chose 32 years ago! He was also the one who came up with our slogan,: “Back a Strong Forehand”