Saturday, February 26, 2011

Great News for Lou and Betty Rose

We got this email from Lou today!

The procedure at Duke, yesterday, Friday, went very, very well, without any complications. My pyloric valve was stretched open allowing the contents of the stomach to emnpty faster into the small intestine. This will eliminate the aspirations. The procedure took 30 minutes, then I was in recovery for 2 hours, then we headed back to Charlotte, arriving at about 6 PM. The only restrictions that I'm on are "rest and no driving for three days". After that, I'll be "free as a bird"!!! Once again, both Betty and I felt that we were wrapped in your concern, caring, prayers, support and love. Thank you so much for meant alot to both of us.....dear family and friends.

Lou and Betty

Bravo!  What a relief!

Lou and Betty can be reached at