Monday, February 21, 2011

I Stand Corrected

As all of you know by now, I LOVE spinning stories in between CHS news items about our
great CHS class of '54.

But a shortage of competent proof readers and editors among the large and almost competent staff here at the digital complex has caused me to rely heavily on the kindness of you readers to spot spelling and dangling participles.

My thanks to my favorite aunt (actually Linda's aunt) Claire Weller Davis, who helped edit and publish that fabulous Civil War Diary by Sidney Davis, for spotting a couple of goofs that I made recently.

Here's her email to me:

Claire Davis
 Dear Lee,
I enjoyed reading your update on "A Common Soldier", " An Army of One" and the story about your ancestor Manse Jolly.

Not to be a pest, but I must point out that Linda's Great, Great Grandfather spelled his name with an "i" not a "y" as you have posted on your blog. Sidney Morris Davis was Sydney Davis Hartford's Great Grandfather. I think I have my number of "Great"s right, if Pop's father was James, and James' father was Sidney.

Anyway, all of your stories and reminiscences are wonderful and very entertaining.
Keep them coming!

Aunt Claire

Aunt Claire emails me often with interesting things she spots on the internet.

You might mention this to some of your friends our age.who think they're too old to learn how to use modern technology.

Aunt Claire is 98 years old.   -Ed