Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just sitting there minding their own business........when STARDOM STRUCK

By Marlene Ritch Beaty

 As most of you know,Thomas and I spent a couple of months in Chandler, AZ over the holidays with our daughter Valerie and her family.

We drove out, pulling our camping trailer. On the second day out, we stopped for breakfast at a Chick Fil A in Meridian, MS, and were approached by a young lady who was looking for some elderly people to be in a commercial.

I assured her if I saw some elderly people, I would send them over. It was then that she decided to use us instead.

(Marlene and Tom will be signing autographs at the next LDL event.  

Unfortunately, your kindly, webmaster is having computer issues and can't load the video of Marlene and Tom's commercial
onto the website at this time.   -Ed)