Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Update Prayer List for Lou Palomba

 By Jerry Gaudet

Betty (Rose Templeton) Palomba shares with us concern for husband Lou's present health situation. We have an opportunity to lift Lou and Betty through this ordeal. We have this contact information for them:

Betty and Lou Palomba
2633 Richardson Dr., Morrocroft Apt. B2
Charlotte, NC 28211-3346


email from Betty Rose Palomba
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 8:24 PM
Subject: Lou's operation

"As most of you know Lou went into the hospital this a.m. for a hernia operation. The anesthetist was preparing him and noticed something very unusual about his lungs and stopped everything. It seems that both lungs are filled with gunk and solids. They put him on oxygen and started scraping the lungs. He was put in ICU and induced sleep for most of the day. 

Several xrays were made of the lungs during the day hoping things would improve enough to take out the breathing tube but the last one at 6:00 was still showing problems and they will induce steep tonight and retake xrays in the morning. He is not able to talk but did ask a few questions by writing them. His first quesiton was "am I going to die". 

We assured him that things will turn around and he will get well. Thedoctors are very disturbed about his lungs and will be doing quiite a bit of testing. I have no idea when he will come home. If you would be good enough to keep him in your prayers I know he will feel the strength of all of his friends.

At this time I am asking that NO One go to the hospital to visit him. Tony is staying with me and will stay at the hospital until this is over. Of course Chris will be coming also. Unfortunately only 2 people can be in ICU at a time.

This all sounds pretty bad,and it is, but we are fortunate he was scheduled for the hernia operation because the doctor said he could have had a spell at home and it would have "taken him". Once again luck was on our side.

- Betty"