Saturday, February 05, 2011

4:00pm Update for Lou Palomba

Betty Rose sends this update on her husband Lou's conditon:

The procedure did NOT go as planned today. Lou stopped breathing because of the buildup of food in his lungs (although he has not eaten anything but liquids). It was very scarey. They plans to do xrays Monday and see if the stuff has left his lungs before they try again. If they decide not to do this, we or they will consult with the Duke doctor that did his original operation.

This doctor also talked about a feeding tube if the other does not work. It breaks my heart to think that Lou will have to deal with something like that rest of his life. It will take him time, I am sure to adjust to whatever happens. I can certainly understand.

Right now he is on the 4th floor here at Presbyterian Main which is a step down from ICU so he is getting very good attention. Both boys and my grandson, Alex are here and we were all together during the procedure. Thank goodness I had their support because it sent me for a loop. 

If you want to visit, would you call the hospital first and I will let you know if he feels like company. Thank you all for your continued support. Tony will stay as long as needed here at the hospital. We love all of you and feel so fortunate we have so many friends that are pulling for Lou........