Thursday, March 03, 2011

Beautification Project

I was inspired by an email from Bob Ellis this morning to begin a WEBSITE BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT.

This is a "shovel ready" project.....and it works like this:

Dig deep (if you have to) into you photo albums and send me something beautiful that will brighten our day and make us smile!

I'll start this brilliant project off with what inspired me ........a picture of  DANIELLE NICHOLE HINES..........who just happens to be Bob's grand-daughter!

Let the smiles begin!   -Ed

Danielle Hines

Bob says that

".....As a proud grandfather, I thought she was, indeed, very beautiful. I appreciate someone else validating my thoughts..The dress she is wearing was hand made by my oldest daughter using a decorative embroidery process called smocking. Very proud of both!"