Friday, March 04, 2011

Diamond Jubilee Launched

By Ellouise Diggle Schoettler
 (Re-printed from her March Newsletter)

Ellouise 1936

This is my Diamond Jubilee Year. My 75th birthday is in July so I am celebrating this passage by telling stories in important places of my life - touching the stones, so to speak.

In February I went to my hometown, Charlotte, NC to launch the celebration.

At Elizabeth School
I told the story of "The Day I Started the First Grade" for an Assembly at the Elizabeth School - where, on the Tuesday after Labor Day my Daddy walked me to school before he left for WWII. The first grade classroom today is the same one that was my classroom.


Telling the same story at a luncheon for about 40 members of the Central High School Class of 1954 prompted an hour-long Story Swap as we all shared our memories of that day - and others through our school years together. It was a celebration for all of us - sharing our Diamond Jubilee year.

And, I told an evening of stories for the Olde Mecklenburg Genealogical Society at their meeting.

Telling the stories of some of my family - brought them close to me and reminded me how deep my tap roots are in this place of my childhood. Grateful for this review.

All the while I was in Charlotte I could feel memories surfacing and new stories percolating. More will be revealed.

Loved every minute of it.

(I will be catching these memories and posting other stories on a new blog - My Diamond Jubilee.) 

Proof that "75" is the "NEW 50"  (not for me, but for Ellouise) take a look her schedule:  -Ed

"March is Women's History Month and I am very happy to be telling my 1970s women's history program Pushing Boundaries frequently - from the East Coast to the West Coast.
March Pushing Boundaries

Rogue Performing Arts Festival
Fresno, CA
March 4 7:30 PM
March 5 1 PM & 8:45 PM
March 6 5 PM
Spectrum Gallery
608 East Olive
Fresno, CA

March 16 Pushing Boundaries
7:30 Pm FREE
Tales in the Village
Friendship Heights Village Com. Ctr.
4433 South Park Drive
Chevy Chase, MD

March 22 Shepherdstown, WV
March on Washington - CWAO Group Shot
7:30 PM $15
Sponsored by Friends of the Library and
Shepherd University Women Studies Dept
Shepherdstown Men's Club
102 E. German Street
Shepherdstown, WV 25443

Coming Up
Ellouise blck and white
March 17 SWAN Event
Mixed Arts
Nat'l Mus. of in the Arts
Washington, DC

March 19 Flesh on Old Bones
VASA Gathering
Masanetta, VA

March 26 SWAN Event
Storytelling and poetry
Puro Cafe
1529 Wisc. Ave, NW
Wash. DC

March 27 Bernadette Nason and
Ellouise Schoettler
3 PM

Details TBA
Chevy Chase, MD

April Stone Soup Storytelling Festival
28 & 29 Woodruff, SC

May 2 Flesh on Old Bones - Stories
Univ. GA Catholic Ctr.
1344 Lumpkin Street
Athens, GA
Covered Dish supper at
6 PM (bring a dish)
Storytelling at 7 PM

May 5 Flesh on Old Bones WkShop
Anderson Public Library
Anderson, SC
More details later.

July Capital Fringe Festival, Washington, DC
details TBA
My Diamond Jubilee
New One-Woman Show"