Sunday, March 20, 2011

From the Mailbag

Someday soon.....little kids will be asking their parents,  "What's a mailbag?"
But, until then here are a couple of emails I'll pass along:

Obie Oakley sends this one:

Unable to Take Richmond : 

Abraham Lincoln once asked General (Winfield) Scott the question: 

"Why is it that you were once able to take the City of Mexico in three
months with five thousand men, and we have been unable to take Richmond
with one hundred thousand men? "I will tell you," said General Scott.
"The men who took us into the City of Mexico are the same men who are
keeping us out of Richmond ." (Confederate Veteran Magazine, September
1913, page 471) 


Ellouise has returned  safely from her West Coast work/vacation tour:

Ellouise's California Cut
"We had a great trip to California - visiting our daughter and her family (our 3 grandsons), time with Jim's family in Fresno and LA, and I performed Pushing Boundaries at the Rogue Performance Festival in Fresno. We both enjoy this Festival - because it is held in the Tower District- which is Jim's growing-up neighborhood and the people are so warm and friendly. This was their tenth year and the Rogue is like a well-oiled machine - runs smoothly for everyone. Did think about CHS54 though - our rental car had XM Radio and I kept it tuned to and blaring all the 50s music. Music is wonderful isn't it - brings it all back.

I changed my "look" a bit in Fresno - let the enthusiastic young woman in a Tower District beauty shop loose on my hair- "its too cute, on you."  Well - it is different!

 We left in the cold and came back to see that Spring is trying to spring. That is nice.



Don and Letty Nance:
Letty and I went to the ACC tournament. When we returned home I went to the web page and enjoyed reading about the wire recorder. I remember there was one at Piedmont and I used to record with it. I remember the spool of wire was mess if I was not careful.

Of course, you had someone at the radio station to fix it for you , just like you had someone bait your fish hook.

I hope all is well with you and your family. Letty and I are planning to go to the beach a few days next week. 


(NOTE:  What Don is referring to is the time he and I went fishing in a row boat in the Catawba river one summer. He obviously doesn't understand the rules of the sea.

Since I sat in the front of the boat, I was the "Captain."  He sat in the back....with the oar; therefore he was technically the "crew." Everyone knows that the crew is responsible for rowing and baiting.  -Ed)