Tuesday, March 08, 2011

LDL 29!

By Jerry Gaudet

CHS’54 celebrated “LDL” on March 8, 2011, at Jimmies Restaurant. Proprietor, Chris Pourlos, son of Ronnie and Jimmy, on seeing Mary Sue’s decoration asked “where is the green beer?” St. Patrick’s Day was evident all about. Many thanks to Mary Sue and Clyde for their work in brightening our surroundings.

The “REAL” celebration came when Lou and Betty Palomba arrived, both looking as bright as new pennies. After all that Lou (and Betty) has been through, it was a true celebration…

On being welcomed by Mary Sue, on behalf of us all, Lou responded by expressing their great thanks to all of us for the many encouraging emails, cards, and prayers lifted for them, crediting these gestures for keeping them strong through their ordeals and helping Betty to be his "rock". It was a great celebration!

This was our 29th “LDL”. Shirley Maynor would be proud that we continue...and probably is keeping an eye on us!

We always gather for “LDL” on the second Tuesday of each and every month, the next being April 12. Get your taxes done so you will be in a good mood and come join us. We will look forward to your being with us. Call a classmate and suggest that you meet at Jimmies!…or offer to pick them up!!   -JG