Monday, March 14, 2011

Linda Garmon Huggins Recovering

 By Frank Clontz (CHS 55)

Linda Garmon Huggins had her second round of surgery for a stubborn cancer on March 2nd. She is home now recovering from the surgery; one, which the doctors say went well. This was her second round in about six months along with one round of Chemo and Radiation.

When my wife and I were in Florence several months ago visiting her and Ross, she looked good, however thin. The second surgery required was a surprise to her because the doctors, upon a follow-up, found a new growth and wanted to get it as quickly as possible. I talked with her yesterday (3/13) and she sounded very tired, something to be expected. Those classmates that wish to send her a card please do so at:

Linda Huggins
2548 Keswick Dr.
Florence, SC 29501

Please, no phone calls at this time.  -FC