Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It' PROM time again!

Well, boys and girls, it's that wonderful time of year again.

If you haven't decided on which "hot" honey you want to be your prom date, it's your lucky day.

Your concerned and compassionate webmaster is coming to your rescue.

You can thank me later.

These lonely classmates are still available.  Take your pick:

Hillary Clinton

Sarah Palin

Al Gore

Barack Obama

Bill Clinton

Don Rumsfeld

Joe Biden

Rod Blogojvitch

Mike Huckabee
Nancy Pelosi

 And finally, this years HOMECOMING QUEEN is still available....Michelle Obama


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tommy West's Wife Janice

By Jerry Gaudet

With sadness we see that Tommy West's wife Janice has passed away:.

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH -- Mrs. West, (Janice Smith West) 73, wife of Tommy West, died Thursday, April 21, 2011 at her home.

A memorial service will be held at 2 pm on Saturday, April 23, 2011 at Lee Funeral Home Chapel. The family will receive friends following the service at the West home.
Lee Funeral Home & Crematory of Little River/North Myrtle Beach is serving the family.
Published in Charlotte Observer on April 22, 2011

We have this contact information:

Tommy West
1603 Magnolia Dr.
N. Myrtle Beach, SC 29582



Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Beautiful Moment!

Responding to your handsome, highly intelligent and modest award winning webmaster's many pleas, Maxcyne Motte Yaworsky has come through with another winner!!

Can you imagine how difficult it must have been to get 5 kids dressed up in their finest Easter outfits, all neatly sitting still and SMILING.......and.......their Mom looking like she just stepped out of VOGUE magazine!

She did it.....and here's the proof!

 Maxcyne Yaworsky and children 1967


Here is a photo of me and our children in 1967. The sheen on my face is not the glow of youth. It is the sweat of my labor in trying to keep my children under control through a one and a half hour Easter church service. Ray snapped the picture when we arrived home afterwards. The children obviously had either a great time at church, or are overjoyed to be home again!

Remember the good old days!-MMY

Happy Easter,

Maxcyne Motte Y

Henry and Me

Although he was never in the military, He was truly one of America’s great war heroes.
Henry J. Kaiser
During World War 2, Henry J. Kaiser was an industrialist whose manufacturing genius allowed the Kaiser Shipyard in Richmond, California to produce cargo ships at the rate of one every 4 days!

Liberty Ships
They were appropriately called “Liberty Ships.”

After the war he switched to manufacturing cars….most of which were called…….never mind.

You probably vaguely remember the Kaiser-Frazier.

But I doubt if any of you recall the Henry J.

A young Bill Clinton
I’ve only heard of one other person, besides myself who ever owned one. That was Bill Clinton.  It was his first car.

Now that I think about it, that makes perfect sense, since many of them had fold down rear seats.

Mine didn’t; instead it was one of the models that actually had a trunk lid, which was considered optional equipment. (On most Henry J’s the trunk was accessed from the inside by folding down the back seat.)

The dashboard only held the speedometer and a few switches. There was no dome light, cigarette lighter, horn, turn signal lever, or passenger side sun visor. There were no armrests. There was no glove compartment. The triangular "vent windows" on the doors didn't open. The rear windows didn't roll down or open in any way. In fact, there was no cabin ventilation system at all, not even fresh air ducts.

Ad for the Henry J
The seat covers were made of paper...covered in thin plastic. I could go on, but you get the picture.

My Dad bought that car for me in the Fall of 1953, I believe.. It's unknown what model year it was because there was only one basic model....and any that were not sold in the year they were manufactured were sold as the following year's "new model." .

Kaiser also worked out an arrangement with Sears to sell Henry J's under their own name.  Sears called them ALLSTATES. Hence, the 51, 52, 53, and 54 Henry J's and Allstates.......were all basically the same car.

And one of them was mine.

My guess is that unlike a Liberty Ship which Mr. Kaiser could make in 4 days……the Henry J’s were probably made from scratch in about 4 hours.

Yet, in spite of all its shortcomings....(as well as my own total  irresponsibility in not maintaining it properly)  that car got my friends and me to and from a lot of places trouble free. It seems that luck was always with that Henry J and me.

The Henry J
I'm not talking about that either.. Remember, I had the model with the trunk lid.

I'm talking about transporting me from Furman to UNC, getting me to the radio station on time everyday, wearing out at least 2 sets of tires traveling to and from Chapel Hill and Charlotte every weekend, etc. (For the entire time I had that car, I never had a girlfriend who lived in the same town I was living in.)

But I knew that the day would come when that little car with the big man's name was going to stop pretending and become what it really was; a cheap, slapped together pile of .....tin.

Stan Hoke and I were returning to Charlotte from Chapel Hill that day in the Spring of 1955 when the Henry J just "up and died." But, the "luck of the Henry J" was still with me.  It got Stan involved

Stan Hoke CHS53
He was the best thing that ever happened to my old Henry J.

He diagnosed the problem almost immediately. He said the “timing gear” needed to be replaced. And he knew how to do it. It was a labor intensive job (that I could never have afforded to pay for) so Stan and I spent half of that summer taking the engine apart and replacing the “timing gear.”

After we got it put back together again…..the engine was still dead. We had put the part in backwards. So we spent the rest of the summer taking it all apart again. But by the time classes started again in the Fall, the Henry J was back on the road to Chapel Hill.

As far as I’m concerned no one will ever convince me that Stan Hoke was not a genius.

My contribution was mainly handing him the right wrenches and keeping my head under the hood for moral support.

Thanks to Stan, I got at least another year of trouble free use out of that car.

Of course, people still made their little jokes and once a bunch of the “dormies” in my building were able to move the little car and hide it about a block away, so I would think that it had been stolen.

But the joke was on them because I knew that in all of thiefdom, no one had ever stolen a Henry J, or even considered it.

So, I just calmly waited them out….until my silence almost drove them crazy and they blurted out their dastardly deed and the location where they had hidden my car.

In the interest of fairness and full disclosure, the Henry J was not all Mr. Kaiser's fault. For him to enter the automobile business he needed to borrow the money...and the only place he could get it was from the government.

So naturally, it came with "strings." The government stipulated that the automobile not be sold for more than $1300. They envisioned a "peoples car," much like Hitler's Volkswagen.....or even Henry Ford's no frills, no extras, Model T.

It was our bureaucracy's first venture into the American Automobile industry.

The result was the Henry J.

So, unless President Obama soon decrees that every American must be required to own one,
fifty or sixty years from now, one of your grandchildren might very well be telling their grandchildren a story eerily similar to this one. Only the names will have changed.

I predict that sometime, oh, around  2055  there will be at least one young kid who drives off to college in another government ill designed, forgotten, strange looking, rickety  old 2011..........VOLT. 

It will be a good story to tell his grand kids.

But they probably won't believe it.  -Ed

"When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt."
                                       -Henry J. Kaiser

Friday, April 15, 2011

LDL 30

By Jerry Gaudet

CHS’54 gathered for its 30th “LDL” on April 12, 2011, at Jimmies Restaurant, this time Mary Sue’s decorations included “bunny baskets of chocolates” and a very welcoming greeting table dressed in Easter fashion…

Many thanks to Mary Sue and husband Clyde for their work in making our surroundings special each month.

Another person who makes our gatherings “special” is our regular waitress (Supreme), Stephanie Litaker, who has become one of the family…or at the very least an honorary classmate…

You’ll note that we saved a seat for Michael Jordan (#23), but, alas, he was unable to make it to our lunch.

 We always (except when it snowed on 1/11/11) gather for “LDL” on the second Tuesday of each and every month, the next being May 10. We will look forward to your being with us. Call a classmate and suggest that you meet at Jimmies!…or offer to pick them up.  -JG

Saturday, April 09, 2011

HIGH..........on life!

 By Maxcyne Motte Yaworsky

     I am sure that many of you have already celebrated the esteemed event of reaching your seventy -fifth birthday, or will do so soon. I recently reached that pinnacle on March the twenty -fifth. What used to be a beautiful Spring birthday in Carolina is now a mid-Winter birthday in Utah! Here I am, celebrating atop one hundred and thirty-six inches of the world's most fantastic powder snow! This is Snowbasin, Utah, site of the 2002 Olympic Slalom ski races. The peak behind me is Mount Ogden, rising to an altitude of 9,400 feet. I am standing on one of the eastern slopes, twenty minutes drive from the city of Ogden, at the foot of the western slopes. We have now lived in Ogden for thirty-six years, and skied these slopes for thirty six of the forty -two seasons that we have enjoyed skiing.

     This year, by virtue of my advancing age, Snowbasin Ski Resort will allow me free lift passes for the remainder of my life! It doesn't seem that unusual to be still skiing at this age. The really difficult part is getting on all the ski gear and then trying to lean over far enough to fasten six buckles and four velcro straps on your ski boots!

     For all of this, there is a song in my heart and a prayer of gratitude on my lips. Two years ago I was undergoing surgery, chemo therapy and radiation for cancer. My seventy-fifth was a " great gift" , and I will look upon each birthday now as an even greater gift!

     I wish everyone a happy seventy-fifth year! There is still much to come!  -MMY

Thursday, April 07, 2011

It's that time again....

 The "Talking Twins" want everyone to know that it's time for another LDL (Let's Do Lunch) extravaganza!

Tuesday, April 12th is the date.......11:30 is the time....and the place is our usual "hang out" ...Jimmies Restaurant off Hwy. 51 in Mint Hill.

7024 Brighton Park Dr.
Mint Hill, NC

This link may help you find your way:

Tell everybody! Invite other classmates to come!
Even better, bring someone with you! But, be sure YOU come!

Monday, April 04, 2011


Your kindly old webmaster has been plagued by computer glitches, crashes, general incompetence, name it, so let me know if I've failed to acknowledge something you may have sent me in the past few weeks.

For example, I just now found this nice note from David (Skip) Pearce that I thought was lost forever:

Ed, Just a note to say I enjoy your web site re:Central High 54. I only attended Central for my Senior year after moving from Fayetteville, N.C. but have always been proud to say I graduated from Central High. When my family moved to Charlotte in 53 my Father said I could attended any school I wanted. I had met some Central students at the old O.D. Beach so I said Central. 

I have to say it was my best High School year.

I did not stay around Charlotte after graduation as I found myself in the U.S. Army on July 1,54. I then server three years in the Army Security Ageny serving two years in Germany before returning to Charlotte and attending WCU in Cullowhee,N.C. another smart move for me. In the 54 year book I am listed as David but everyone called me Skip. 

David Pearce
I'm sure you do not remember me but I do remember all of the 54 classmates for making my senior year on to remember. I had moved around a little before coming to
charlotte and did not know what to expect. My best friend was Parks(Elrod)Reinhardt who I still keep in touch with now and then.

Again thanks for all the updates and excuse this E-Mail as I never was a writer like you.

David (Skip)Pearce

(Thanks for your kind note, Skip, but I think you'll be surprised at how many of us DO remember you! As we used to say in radio, "Keep those cards and letters (and emails) coming, friends and neighbors." -Ed)

Saturday, April 02, 2011


It's the end of another week....which is a good time to check the CHS54 mailbag.

I only got one letter this week, but it was a good one!

It's an "update" from Linda Huggins!

Hi Ed

Thanks for your e-mail and your thoughts.  I have a very sore tummy.  The doc took out a lot of tissue in order to get clear margins.  We're hoping for the best when we return for an update.

We're all looking forward to even better news after the next update from Linda's doc!!  -Ed