Friday, April 15, 2011

LDL 30

By Jerry Gaudet

CHS’54 gathered for its 30th “LDL” on April 12, 2011, at Jimmies Restaurant, this time Mary Sue’s decorations included “bunny baskets of chocolates” and a very welcoming greeting table dressed in Easter fashion…

Many thanks to Mary Sue and husband Clyde for their work in making our surroundings special each month.

Another person who makes our gatherings “special” is our regular waitress (Supreme), Stephanie Litaker, who has become one of the family…or at the very least an honorary classmate…

You’ll note that we saved a seat for Michael Jordan (#23), but, alas, he was unable to make it to our lunch.

 We always (except when it snowed on 1/11/11) gather for “LDL” on the second Tuesday of each and every month, the next being May 10. We will look forward to your being with us. Call a classmate and suggest that you meet at Jimmies!…or offer to pick them up.  -JG