Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Beautiful Moment!

Responding to your handsome, highly intelligent and modest award winning webmaster's many pleas, Maxcyne Motte Yaworsky has come through with another winner!!

Can you imagine how difficult it must have been to get 5 kids dressed up in their finest Easter outfits, all neatly sitting still and SMILING.......and.......their Mom looking like she just stepped out of VOGUE magazine!

She did it.....and here's the proof!

 Maxcyne Yaworsky and children 1967


Here is a photo of me and our children in 1967. The sheen on my face is not the glow of youth. It is the sweat of my labor in trying to keep my children under control through a one and a half hour Easter church service. Ray snapped the picture when we arrived home afterwards. The children obviously had either a great time at church, or are overjoyed to be home again!

Remember the good old days!-MMY

Happy Easter,

Maxcyne Motte Y