Saturday, May 07, 2011

I don't know nothing 'bout art, but.....

I know what I like!

I especially like the kind that "DOES" something; like carrying beauty tools and stuff for our women.

Necktie evening purse by Diana White

This work of art was created by our own Diana White.

Here's the note she emailed:

"I'm sending you an e-card version of an art show announcement - and (who'd have thought it!) I'm in the art show. This is part of a goal I set myself, in the reinvent-yourself process we can go through as we get older. Just enjoy - and if you want to come, how wonderful!

Front - mine is the re-purposed necktie evening purse; Back - the show info -
June 4, Saturday from 10 to 5
June 5, Sunday, from noon to 5


 2217 Irvindale Drive, Chamblee GA 30341

I wanted to share this with friends - 'cause I'm so excited to be included in an art show!
Anyway, just so you'll know, and rejoice with me.

Love, Diana C. White
Quilts and fiber art

Proving once again that all those A pluses she got at old CHS (and totally screwing up the "grade curve' for the rest of us) were not just flukes. Not only has Diana White embarked on a new career as an artist, I believe that she has come up with the answer to the modern day dilemma, "What are we going to do with all those ties nobody ever wears anymore?"


Well, almost nobody.    -Ed