Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LDL 31 a " Boffo" Event !

They came from far and wide, pilgramage-like to attend CHS54's 31st "Let's do Lunch" today at Jimmie's of Mint Hill!

Jerry Gaudet reports:

Even though it was an “up” and “down” day, this was our “World-Wide Edition”, presided over by Marlene (Ritch) Beaty, ably filling in for Mary Sue (Banks) Burnett who was unable to attend.

Well, maybe world-wide is a stretch…but North American is not.

We enjoyed seeing Letty and Don Nance “down” from Wytheville, Virginia…

And Gene Moore came “up” from Melbourne, Florida. Gene brought his friend, Shirley Burns, who quickly became our friend. Shirley lives in Charlotte…

And “the longest trip to get here award” goes to Nancy Grayson, “down” from Montreal, Canada. That’s a long walk since she had sold her “shiny red top -of -the- line Vespa”. As long as Nancy is in town for “LDL”, we understand she plans to look in on her sister, who lives in Charlotte…

So, when you’re in the neighborhood, plan to join us as CHS’54 does lunch. . Remember, “LDL” is held on the second Tuesday of each and every month, 11:30 AM at "Jimmies" in Mint Hill.

Breaking News

Jerry Gaudet just informed us that the reason Mary Sue was a missing person at today's "LDL". was due to the fact that she was receiving a chemo treatment.

Mary Sue informs us that her Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, or NHL, has returned after being in remission for three years. She will have several chemo treatments and then a break of some weeks before still more chemo. She's counting on being fine soon. We can help.

You can be in contact at...
Mary Sue Burnett, husband Clyde
5320 Beritstrasse Ct.
Charlotte, NC 28277
Email marysburnett@yahoo.com ...Mary Sue says she's not looking at her email much.  -JG