Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Gaither Blackwelder's Son, Wayne

By Jerry Gaudet

How sorry we were to learn that Linda and Gaither Blackwelder's son, Wayne, has passed away.

"... My son, Wayne, was in the hospital for almost two months and my daughter, Susie, had been writing email updates of his condition. I just realized yesterday that I hadn't been including you in those messages.

Wayne had bleeding in his brain which led to seizures. He was unconscious most of that two months either due to medicine or his injury.

The doctors tried several different treatments and there were days when things looked promising. But in the end he just couldn't recover and the doctors didn't have any other options.

Thank you for the sympathies.

Take care,


Linda and Gaither Blackwelder can be reached at:

118 Spanish Wells
Anderson, SC 29621-4286