Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Great News About Linda Garmon Huggins

By Frank Clontz

I got a phone call from Ross, Linda's Better Half, as they were driving back to Florence, SC from the Doctors office in Columbia. He sounded very excited as he told me that all the body scans, lung biopsies, and pet scans indicated that she is now Cancer Free. One thing though, she developed "Shingles" over the weekend before their drive to Columbia and was in some extreme pain from that. Ross told me that she didn't care about the Shingles because they would go away but was very thankful to God, all the prayers of her friends and family asking God to heal her body and free it from any Cancer. All the Prayers for her healing were answered.

Whew!  Thanks so much for the report, Frank  We love good news like that!!

(As most of you know, Frank Clontz,  is our official full time ambassador/reporter from the CHS class of 55. -Ed