Saturday, June 04, 2011


I got this note from Bob Ellis:

"I am going to give you the facts and since you are the ONE who can tell the best stories,I will let you spin your magic.

Un-named suspect
My grandson who lives in Ohio was being babysat by a friend of my stepdaughter,
( while she was busy teaching 8th graders American Lit.. ) He is 21 months old. When the babysitter asked what would he like to drink, he responded "beer". She thought this was so funny that she posted it on Facebook, commenting that she didn't know if it was better to put it in his sippy cup or just hand him the bottle.

Some friend of hers replied that he wished he had her for a babysitter when he was a kid....

Since he is underage I will withhold his NAME !!!!!


That's FUNNY!  I can't tell it any better than that.  -Ed

Also got this note from Jerry Gaudet, our keeper of records, treasurer, chief bottle washer and all around good guy:

"It has been awhile since we went looking for lost classmates. If you have information about any of these 39 lost classmates, please let me know. -JG

Class of '54 Missing Classmates

James Morris Allen
Sarah Ellen Beck Yandle
Rebecca May Brogden
Nancy Elizabeth Brookes Lawing
Ruth Brown Braswell
Agnes Anne Caudell
Danny Carver Cole
Alton Broadway Craver
Charles Emory Cunningham
Lois Elinor Dempsey
Anne Gorden Finger
John Furr
Sue Elizabeth Griffin Price
Carl Guest
Frederick Earl Howard
Nancy Eunice Karnes
John Thomas Keller
Kathleen Virginia Kesler
Jeanne Holland King Kumm
Doy Kenneth Lim
Ronald Richard Little
Gary Lutteral
Sarah Lillian McWhirter Martin
Fred Arthur Merrill
George William Moore
Esther Lorraine Newell
David William Powell
Nelda Codelle Price
Elezabeth Ann Purvis
Helen Bryan Ray Therrell
Rosemary Sessoms
W. I. Micheal Thompson
Robert Lee Tribble
Wade Edward Turner
Bruce Lawrence Wallace
Yvonne Wentz
Shirley Ann Williams
Elizabeth Ann Wilson
Jerry Lee Wood 

But wait, there's MORE

The Class of 1955 has a bunch of  "Missing Classmates" too.  If you can help, contact Frank Clontz at 

and/or Don Blackmon,

Alexander, Lawrence Eric
Arant, John Edwin
Barnes, Charlene Anita
Bolch, Mary Patricia
Britton, Geraldine
Cahoon, Robert Leroy
Caldwell, Carolyn Ann
Campbell, William D.
Carpenter, Jackie W.
Cary, Shirley Ann
Christenbury, Joyce
Collins, Patrick Joseph
Cooke, Ruth Anne
Davis, William Pike
Edwards, Susan Miller
Goulding, Graydon R.
Griffin, Richard S.
Hinson, Mary Gayle
Holder, Ethel Joanne
Hopkins, Barbara Anne
Kelly, Franklin Eugene
Kinghorn, Wilson H.
Kirkpatrick, Harriet Jane
Laws, Maria Kay
Leu, Mary Ellen
Lindsay, Albert Wesley
Linker, Walker Steve
Martin, Betty Ann
Mayse, Lillian Query
McCracken, Lois Juanita
McCubbin, Judith Anne
McGinn, Jean Patricia
Miller, Clyde Wilford
Miller, Grace Deanne
Morgan, James Edward
Morris, Ray Vaughn
Moses, Patsy Elouise
Moss, William Arthur
Motley, Vance A.
Myers, Catherine
Newell, Joyce Jean
Odom, Joyce Ann
Overstreet, Mary Lou
Peralto, Hugo Efrain
Pittman, Patricia Ann
Plyler, Carolyn Virginia
Porter, William F.
Quay, Mary Barnes
Rogers, Phyllis Jean
Ross, Audrey Emmaline
Simerson, Mary Athlene
Simpson, Sylvia Cordella
Smith, Betty Jean
Smith, Janet Alicia
Smith, Martha Ann
Smith, Ruth Ann
Stalls, David
Strader, Elizabeth Jane
Swisher, Henrietta Ann
Taylor, Gladys Nell
Thomas, Margaret Anne
Thorpe, Bretta Mae
Ussery, Alice Marie
Wayne, Shirley Anne
Wells, Gail
Weyant, Cynthia Ann
Wilson, Robert Edwin
Winslow, Filmore Leigh
Wood, Marlene
Yemm, Barbara Ann
Yount, Mary Anita