Thursday, June 16, 2011


 Remember the story we featured back in 2006 about the big CHS54 themed party that Herb Jacobowitz's wife Barbara threw for him for his 70th birthday?

Well, Jerry Gaudet got  a nice note from Herb indicating that he and Barbara might be making a trip all the way from Maryland down to Charlotte before long and fully intend to be there for one of our LDL lunches.


 Letty Nance dropped me a line to add a personal story to my TR3 saga:

"In 1959, when Don was trying to impress me on our first date, he borrowed your TR3. In the mean time, Mother had made me a lovely new pink sunback dress to wear. It was before the days of polyester, so I sat on a stool with the dress draped over the back in order to keep it from wrinkling while I waited for my date.

Then Don drove up in the TR3. Because of its size,I had to wad up my perfectly ironed dress and my torso in order to cram into THE car for the most uncomfortable ride in my life. (I think I heard my mother moan when she saw me crawl in.)

My children are glad I gave Don another chance. The next time he came to get me, it was in his Dad's '55 aqua and white Crown Victoria. Now that was a CAR. As we know, he was a poor seminary student who couldn't afford a car of any kind but drove his sister's '50 Ford.

So, I agree, you sold the wrong car.....And I have another theory about why the thief left the car parked not so far away. It was not because of the low fuel, it was because it rattled his brains.

Sorry to burst your bubble about the TR3, but I'm glad you got your Doris Day.

Have a good day,
Letty Nance"

As I told Don back then, "...the TR3 will be a good test of whether your date is a future winner....or loser.
If, after one date in that thing, she still wants to go out with  you..........then she's a good woman, worth pursuing!"

 After Don told me that you had passed the TR3 test I had a feeling that one of these days, I'd get a notice about the two of you celebrating your 50th Anniversary!  -Ed