Wednesday, June 01, 2011


I wrote Mr Gil Ballance (our old English teacher) last week and sent him some of the posts from the website. It's amazing how, at his age (90 plus), he remembers so many of us!

He graded the papers I sent and mailed them back!

Just kidding, just kidding. However, he did correct my spelling of his name.  Ballance is spelled with TWO L's.

Anyway, he mentioned that Mr. and Mrs.Dick Gault, (Piedmont's principal when we were there) are also residents of Wilora Lake, where Mr. Ballance lives. He said Mr. Gault is in very grave condition.

He mentioned that if anyone would like to send Mrs.Gault  a card with some encouraging words he felt that it would really help cheer her up.

Her address is:

Mrs. Ruth Gault
Apt. 136
6053 Wilora Lake Road
Charlotte, NC  28212

It will be much appreciated!    -Ed