Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where Did Everybody Go?

By Jerry Gaudet

Was it something we said?

Nobody came “UP” from anywhere distant.

Nobody came “DOWN” from anywhere afar.

Obie Oakley did come “OVER and DOWN” from Highlands, but he does that a lot…still appreciated.
A few were ill or accounted for, but “summer” must have gotten the best of a lot of us.

Even the camera battery “pooped out” allowing us but one picture. All of the others would have been glorious! But were not to be.

Here’s the #1 and only…a portion of those attending…

L to R, Pat Hill, Jimmie Pourlos, Ronnie Rallis Pourlos (hiding behind Jimmie), Gayle Barrier Austin, Sylvia Brawley, Charlie Willis, Obie Oakley, Johnny Culp and Martin Hill.

With the camera having problems, Jimmie Pourlos suggested we just use a big black square to indicate that our numbers were sparce.

Well, there was no scarcity of good times. We considered classmates that were ill or just missing from our gathering. We were grateful of the anticipated food. We were appreciative of our freedoms and acknowledged our country’s flag on National Flag Day…and then we told stories. Lots and lots of stories…some of them true.

Come see for yourself next month, July 12, 2011, 11:30 AM at Jimmies in Mint Hill. You’ll be glad you did.