Saturday, July 30, 2011

Unsolved Mystery

I want to thank all of you readers who reacted to my "Paratrooper Pin" story Forgive and Forget

Elizabeth School
In an ongoing case reminiscent of the the greatest of the Franklin W. Dixon mysteries, several of my Elizabeth School super sleuths have come forward with clues and speculation as to who the slick master criminal was who stole my paratrooper pin that day in Miss Chalk's first grade class.  But no one remembers his name!

However, a photograph of the alleged thief has surfaced and I must admit that the circumstantial evidence makes one think.

4th Grade Class at Elizabeth School

 The photo has been posted on this site before, It shows the fourth grade (I think) class.  If you look closely at the kid in the top left corner of the picture, I think you'll agree that he does look guilty.  Or, should I say, acts guilty.
He obviously was being groomed for a political future.
Suspected perp (top left)

The only problem with this otherwise logical hypothesis is that I am almost certain that the sticky fingered cat burglar was only at Elizabeth school for one year.  And, as I mentioned, this picture is of either the third or fourth grade class.

However, the case may be cold, but it's still open.........and not seen in the above photo at the top of this page....just to the left of the Elizabeth auditorium, was a grassy knoll ...........Stay tuned.

Happy Ending

Nevertheless, the story had a happy ending this week!

The mail brought a small package from one of our CHS54 classmates.....and inside it was........
a genuine paratrooper pin......just like the one given to little Eddie Myers by that kind WW2 paratrooper.

It wasn't a reproduction.

It was genuine just like the original one, and it was given to me by a real paratrooper!

My inner 6 year old boy is still jumping with joy.

Captain Obie Oakley, Special Forces
Thank you Obie!