Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LDL 33 Report

By Jerry Gaudet

Summertime is taking a toll on our lunch participation.

We were warned as the newspaper carried a “Heat Advisory” in effect for today because of an expected high temperature of 99, which would be bad enough, but the heat index – the combined impact of air temperature and humidity – will climb to between 105 to 110.

Kind of makes an Air Conditioned restaurant like Jimmies sound good, huh?

Gail Barrier Austin enjoys cool desert
Gail Barrier Austin had her own idea of how to “beat the heat”....

In spite of the heat, enough showed up to enjoy good company and good food.

We Pledged Allegiance…

We gave thanks…

Tom Harvey  Honorary Classmate

We celebrated Clay Eubanks' friend, Tom Harvey, who has located ten of our “lost classmates” for us, earning him the title of “Honorary Classmate”. “WE VOTED IT SO”.

And we behaved as good citizens are expected and supposed to do…and still had a very pleasant luncheon.

We have plenty of room for additional classmates and guests. Come give it a try. "LDL" is always on the second Tuesday of each and every month...the next "LDL" being Tuesday, August 9, 11:30 at JIMMIES.

***End of “LDL” #33 report***