Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Shadow Knows

I opened the CHS54 email this morning and lo and behold there were the addresses and phone numbers of two of our missing classmates....courtesy of a mysterious stranger!

We've been looking for these people for a long time now and out of the blue comes information that has eluded us....thanks to an unknown super sleuth.

Tom Harvey
My first guess was it had to be the work of the SHADOW. However, he signed his name Tom Harvey....and I remembered that the SHADOW'S real name was Lamont Cranston.

So, I did some sleuthing of my own (I emailed him back), and discovered that his name really is  Tom Harvey:

Hi Ed,

Clay Eubanks
 I'm not connected in any way to Central High School.  I have a friend, Clay Eubanks, who was in your class.  He asked me to help locate a classmate a while ago, which led me to your website.  Finding classmates is just a pastime of mine.

I'm a retired pharmacist living in Alpharetta, GA.  I got interested in finding classmates several years ago, and sort of got hooked on it.  Yes, it's amazing, and rather sad,  how many people have no interest in re-connecting with their old friends and classmates.  I graduated from Glynn Academy, Brunswick, GA - class of '61.  We're having our 50th coming up in October, and I'm excited.


Tom also turned up some bad news concerning one of our classmates, Fred Howard:

Fred Howard
Mr. Frederick Earl Howard 52, of Edisto Island, S.C.,formerly of Charlotte, died Nov. 21, 1989, at Colleton Regional Hospital in Walterboro, S.C. Funeral is private. Herndon & Sons Funeral Home of Walterboro is in charge. 

Mr. Howard, a Charlotte native, was a retired Duke Power Co. draftsman and an Army veteran.
Survivors are his wife, Yvonne; daughter, Mrs. Ginger McCraken; mother, Mrs. Birge Howard of West Jefferson.

(NOTE: Regarding our two "found" classmates, Jerry is checking them out to make sure that they WANT to be found....and if so I'll let you know who they are. 

PS....Thanks Tom!   and Thanks Clay!   -Ed)


Also in today's CHS54 news, Ellousie got a “boffo” review in the Washington Examiner of her new show which opens at the FRINGE Theatre in Washington tomorrow night!

"A professional storyteller for almost twenty years, Ellouise will take her Capital Fringe listeners by the hand as she has done at the Jonesboro Storytelling Festival, the Rogue Festival in Fresno as well as countless schools and universities.

Finding Gus was no easy task as she and her mother had minimal contact with Gus's family for decades.  He died when Ellouise's mother was only 15 months old and her grandmother just couldn't talk about him.  

Gus Keasler
Listen to her dig a memory trail which winds through years of personal research; cemeteries; DAR genealogy books; census records itemizing animals and millinery supplies at her great grandfather's family farm; and last, but far from least, the personal memories of her outspoken and compassionate great aunt Annie Laurie.  Intriguing details about Gus's football career at Clemson at the turn of the beginning of the 20th century as well as life on a hardscrabble farm transport listeners to a time and place otherwise difficult if not impossible to experience as intimately.

This is a fully crafted story of love and loss and finding.  
Invite your friends and then make a dinner or drinks date afterward so that you can share your stories that bubble to the surface.  You're guaranteed a full night of "ha ha!" and "ah ha!" and "aaaaah!"

Location: Goethe Institute Mainstage, 812 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
Dates and Times: Friday, July 8 at 6 pm; Sat, July 9 at 2:15 pm; Wed July 20 at 6 pm; Friday, July 22 at 6 pm; Sunday, July 24 at 4 pm.

Tickets: or 866-811-4111