Monday, August 29, 2011

All HYPE, no cattle

Tucker Barnes Washington Reporter for FOX
I think the old cowboy cliche (with a few letters changed) is appropriate to describe Hurricane Irene that came limping into our area over the weekend. There was significant damage in a few areas of the country, but nothing that justified the wall to wall, minute to minute coverage of the national news media.

The silver lining, in my opinion, is that it may have caused the boob tube addicted segment of our citizens to begin to wake up from their long video induced sleep and realize that they've got to start "thinking for themselves" we used to do.

I believe that a significant  number of those Americans who have been depending on the people who majored in the "easiest" crypt courses our colleges had to offer (Journalism, Radio, TV), to do their thinking for them, just might rise from their slumber and decide to get their own brains back in gear, and realize how dangerously close we've come to losing this greatest country ever devised by man.  -Ed