Wednesday, August 24, 2011



I understand that it was felt in Charlotte too. But here in Falls Church, just outside Washington, DC, it wasn't something we just was something we experienced.

Washington, DC after 5.9 Earthquake
Our house was shaking.  I don't mean shaking like you do on a chilly winter day when you wake up and find that you've kicked the covers off your bed.

I mean shaking as if a giant monster has grabbed the house with both hands.....and treating it like he was trying to get ketchup out of a stubborn bottle.

Our instincts were to get out of the house....and we did, but it was like walking on a small boat in a storm,

It continued for 30 to 45 seconds.

Downtown Washinton DC after quake
Only damage to our house (I think) was pictures down, items on shelves now on the floor, and one water pipe leaking.

And a terrified cat.

They say it was a "once in a lifetime" event in our area.

I hope they're right.