Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LDL #34

By Jerry Gaudet

“LDL” # 34 went off without a hitch. Even though recent rains brought the temperatures down a little, “WEATHER and HEAT” were prominent in our conversations…Especially from our “Mountain Man” Obie Oakley who comes “down” from cool places to be with us. Obie said he could really tell the difference, but not inside Jimmies

Speaking of coming “down”, one of the first to arrive was Jennie Margaret Meador Forehand who was down from Maryland for a visit. Jennie had dropped husband Bill (CHS’52) off at his class lunch and was a wonderful “greeter” to those arriving from our “LDL”.

And, Ann Rich Hobson came to be with us even though Bonson couldn’t. He was excused for being off doing a good deed for someone.

We lingered long enough to see Bill Forehand as he arrived with Glen Nanny, who had given Bill a ride over from the CHS’52 lunch.

Many thanks to our Lunch Maven, Mary Sue Banks Burnett, who goes to thoughtful lengths in “setting the scene” for our gatherings. Jimmies is a perfectly nice restaurant, but Mary Sue’s efforts make it especially tailored for us…and those table mints were good!

Jimmies Restaurant gives us lots of space so that we have plenty of room for additional classmates and guest. Come give it a try. We think you’ll be glad you did.