Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bits and Pieces

CHS54ers continue to amaze me with their wanderlust adventures.  For example, I understand that  Don and Letty Nance have to consult a map whenever they return for a short visit their home in Wythville, Va.

Don tells me that they just came back from Myrtle Beach where they

Tommy West, Don and Letty Nance

"visited with Tommy West and met Randy, one of Tommy's sons.

As we were driving on Main Street ( in what in the old days we called Ocean Drive) I saw a Henry J. It reminded me of the one you used to have.

The Henry J Memorial Statue
We are happy to be back in the mountains again where the leaves are beginning to change colors. It is going to be a beautiful fall in the mountains. -Don"

Your webmaster responds:

Dear Don,

I never did tell you what finally happened to my old Henry J, did I?
It finally broke down one summer while I was soaking up the sun in Myrtle Beach. "Broke down" as in dead as a doornail.

It was impossible get it started again, so I just abandoned it and left it where it was parked on Ocean Drive....nobody ever moved it because I guess they thought I would eventually come a get it, but I didn't,  Finally, after a number of years, they decided to take it to the junk yard, but they couldn't move it because apparently it had fossilized....By the time they decided to bring in a wreaking ball and destroy it, that particular section of town had been declared a National Historical site.......and legally they weren't allowed to move it.  So the town council decided to pretend that it was put there on purpose as a monument to the "kids of the '50's".
In recent years it has become Myrtle Beach's major tourist attraction.  -Ed

Speaking of Old Cars

Look at how Don's sons are coming along with the restoration of Don's old 1951 Pontiac!

The Sparrows don't spend a lot of time in their nest either

"Thanks for the outstanding things you post on CHS54.NET. Becky and I are "steaming as before," a term used in ship's logs. Hope all is well. We are looking forward to another Kansas trip at the end of October. If all goes well, we will be at the Oklahoma v. Kansas State football game in Manhattan, KS.

 Here are  some photos from the Winston-Salem Open, a tennis tournament played one week prior to the US Open. A good time was had by all, especially the guys who sold Modelo. It was Eight Dollars a clip. This one needs no explanation.

The second one is a picture of a jazzy sports car filled with tennis balls. The car's alarm system kept going off. The system could not differentiate between a car thief and a pile of tennis balls.

 The third picture is my lame attempt to create something unusual. In the foreground is a fan which was distributed by one of the tournament sponsors: South African Airways.. Hiding behind the lion-on-the-fan is, well, a tennis fan. The cap is a gift from one of my clients.-WS"