Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LDL #35

 By Jerry Gaudet

It was a perfectly nice day for a lunch gathering and CHS’54 did just that with “LDL” # 35. Mary Sue (Banks) Burnett, with portage help from husband Clyde, did us proud with floral table decoration that enhanced the already pleasant surroundings of Jimmies Restaurant.


Letty and Don Nance came “down” to be with us while on the way to take care of lesser important business…at least that’s the way we’ll look at it.

 Ronnie (Rallis) Pourlos (Mrs. Jimmie) encouraged friend Miriam (Boger) Burlos, to lunch with us. Miriam came to Central by way of Tech HS and graduated from Central and is a member of CHS’55. Miriam and Sandra (Lineberger) Patterson enjoyed catching up on their friendship.

Shirley Burns came with her friend, our classmate Gene Moore, who came “up” from Melbourne, FL. Gene came north to help Carolina get by Rutgers last week and stayed on because he recognizes a good thing when he sees it.

 And, Frank Stack, Myers Park class of ’54, sought us out to catch up on friendships from Dilworth Elementary, AG JHS and Myers Park. Frank worked in Washington DC, until retiring and returning to Charlotte.

We would like it if many more of your sought us out. We have lots of space so that we have plenty of room for additional classmates and guests. Come give it a try. We think you’ll be glad you did.