Thursday, September 01, 2011


According to Amazon dot Com, there's a new novel out titled LEAH'S JOURNEY HOME that's getting some great reviews, many of which mention the impressive "authenticity of  the historical events and issues of the early 1900's that Leah confronts: women's rights to run a business, to practice birth control, even to vote and make decisions on her own."

Another reviewer mentions how riviting it is to read " how people lived and talked on the outer banks in 1899."

My copy of the book won't arrive for a couple of days, but I already know the secret of it's realistic insight into that era of American life.

The author is 90 years old.  He was there.

Plus, we all know him.

Gil Ballance circa 1954
Gil Ballance taught English and Radio Production at good old CHS when we were there. His new career is writing books, the first of which is LEAH'S JOURNEY HOME.....available in paper back from Amazon dot Com.

There will be a book signing on Friday September 30th at 2pm at:

Wilora Lake Lodge
6053 Wilora Lake Road
Charlotte, NC

What other reviewers are saying:

"This was a real page-turner, both for the romance and the history."

"It held my interest and I was quickly drawn into the characters lives and wanted to know what happened next. I wish the book had kept going so that I would know more about their later years together. Excellent book " 

"I loved how Leah's character evolved in the book from a young woman not knowing what to do, to a mature lady who stands up for what she knows is right. A great read!"