Saturday, September 03, 2011

Open letter to a classmate

 (This letter arrived at the CHS54 complex unsigned and without a return address)

Dear Linsy,

I think my feelings reflect those other members of the Central High School Class of 1954 as I send this along to you.

First, as Jerry said in his email responding to the sad news of the passing of your soul mate, Vivian. It was obvious you had such a positive and wonderful relationship and I know you will miss her terribly.

Linsy and Vivian Farris
Your comments about how fortunate you are to have had the experiences shared during your days at Central are so typical of your attitude throughout your life; one of feeling blessed by others, receiving gifts and an expression of gratitude for what life has given you.

If I may, I would like to turn that around a bit and say how fortunate we, your classmates, and the many friends you’ve made over the years are to have benefitted from gifts you give.

I’ll name a few. Of the many areas of the country you could have chosen to practice your profession of medicine, you selected a hospital in Harlem. I dare say that thousands of patients you have seen over the years have received superior attention from someone highly regarded in their field in a loving and caring way. What a wonderful gift you have given.

The Farris team at work
What about the thousands of senior citizens and shut-ins who have had their day brightened through your musical talents? What a wonderful gift you have given. It is so apparent that your Christian faith is at the center of your life. Your witness and offerings of time, resources and talent have touched the lives of countless others. What a wonderful gift you have given.

I am also sure that if I were to ask your family, they would respond with words of praise and what a great husband and father you have been to them. What a wonderful gift you have given. So you see Linsy, all those many things you feel thankful for are really blessings to those who have been fortunate enough to be blessed with the friendship of Linsy.

What a wonderful gift you have given us!

-Anonymous CHS 54 Classmate