Monday, October 03, 2011


I hear that Linda Huggins looked great at a reunion type event at her church last week, greeting old friends with her usual verve and bouncy spirit......

Johnny Culp is recovering from his recent knee replacement....but not "bouncing around" yet.  Still uncomfortable....but....well, knee replacements aren't for sissies!....

Mr. Ballance's book signing Friday was a big success!  Room was FULL ....lots of ex students attending. I hear he's shaved off that beard too!  Good riddance!....

WBT radio comes in strong here in Northern Virginia late at night and early in the morning.  I tune in often to get my dose of Charlotte  news.  This morning, they led off with a story about both our old Central (Garringer) AND Harding high schools. Seems that there were SHOOTINGS at both over the weekend!

It's rumored that our honorary classmate and best selling author Jan Karon is starting work on a new book. That is going to make her millions of fans very happy. This will be her 23rd novel!  I wrote Coach Edelman about my recent visit with Jan....and he responded that once his housekeeper and a few other friends of his learned that Jan was once a student of his.....he is enjoying a minor celebrity status of his own!

He spoiled his nice letter by thanking me for the picture of Jan and me that I published on the website.....and added that I had gotten much too fat.

He's right.......but........never mind.