Thursday, October 13, 2011

Neither Snow Nor Rain

 By Jerry Gaudet

CHS'54, "LDL" #36, 10/11/11 Report.

…Well, we did cancel “LDL” back in January because of snow, or at least threat of it getting worse. Mike Andrews sent an inquiry…”What is snow?” But, he now lives in Merritt Island, FL. Anyway, today we didn’t let a little rain stop us.

Mary Sue (Banks) Burnett prepared a warm (and dry) welcome for us as we arrived…

The warm Fall colors were indeed welcoming…

…and the promise of a chocolate dessert was a big bonus…

Johnny Culp was the center of attention, and he wasn’t even there. John is laid up at home recovering from yet another knee replacement procedure done about two three weeks ago. He had already tried this a few years back and “swore” he would never go through that again. Now he says, “thank goodness this was my last knee”. Give him a boost, or at least send sympathy to his wife, Pat:

John Culp
10501 South Hall Dr.,
Charlotte, NC 28270-0283

Harold Cullingford’s wife, Carolyn, brought some of her gorgeous handiwork to show us.

Told you it was gorgeous. Carolyn’s work is available for purchase. Contact her at:

Carolyn Cullingford
1008 Zephyr Cir.
Monroe, NC 28110-8803

And, here we go after a good time together. L to R, Harold Cullingford, Pat Gaudet, Sylvia and Vic Brawley, Ronnie (Rallis) Pourlos, Carolyn Cullingford and Mary Sue (Banks) Burnett.

Come join us sometime, won’t you?.