Tuesday, October 04, 2011


I'm getting worried about myself.

In my 75th year on this planet, which is teetering on the verge of total insanity, a tiny little bit of my corner of the looney bin is ever so dimly making a certain amount of sense.

Take for example the most successful chain of coffee restaurants in the world; Starbucks.

If a fair “taste test” were taken of all the world's coffees.........Starbuck's coffee would come in dead last. It probably wouldn't even be allowed in the contest because it's burnt! Scorched! Horribly over cooked.

In addition, it's way overpriced.

I'm reminded of the football coach who said of his losing team's half back: “He may be small, but.......he's slow!”

Last time I checked, a cup of Starbuck's coffee was $5.00

Five dollars for a cup of burnt coffee!

And last time I looked, Starbucks was opening a new restaurant somewhere in the world every 5 minutes or so.

Now that's not what is making sense to me. I'm still totally perplexed.

But I read today that a company has just started selling T shirts......with coffee stains on them for $85 each!

Now, who in the world would think of doing such a stupid thing as that.

Suddenly, one of those curly mercury light bulbs went off in my head...........of course.....STARBUCKS!

Who else!  Makes perfect sense to me.  -Ed