Monday, October 03, 2011

The Sky is Falling Again

Don't put your tin foil hats away just yet.

Another satellite is going to be falling to earth this month. This time it's a German made telescope named ROSAT whose useful life is over and expected to crash to earth sometime this month.

The BBC has offered it listeners some advice concerning how to avoid being hit:

"Potentially, you could get out of the way," says Richard Crowther of the UK Space Agency, which is a member of a global network of agencies that monitors space debris.

"But if you're going to spend all the time looking up then you're at greater risk of an accident bumping into something than something coming down on you."

You could dodge a fragment if it's daytime, you get a clear view and you see it in time
But some pieces will travel at high speeds
And experts will only know where the debris will land minutes beforehand

Equally, if you want to avoid the risk of being hit completely, he says, then you need to go beyond 57 degrees latitude north (Scotland or Quebec) or south (further south than the southern tip of Argentina).

"But travelling there will involve a greater risk than the risk of being hit by this."

Some advice!  Hurumphhh!

My advice?

Put on your tin foil hat again and just wait for the danger to pass.  It worked last time, didn't it!