Monday, October 24, 2011

We Aren't in Kansas Anymore, Toto

JFK Bust at Kennedy Center

I'm so grateful that my childhood dreams of becoming famous someday and having my statue in the town square or maybe even the nation's capitol didn't come true.

It would have been just my luck to wind up looking like poor old JFK for the tourists of the future to gaze upon. Every time I pass by that eight foot tall monstrosity that resides in the huge entertainment center that bears his name, I say a little prayer thanking the Lord for leading me on the path to Mr. Averagedom.

Albert Einstein on the Mall
Just look at what the bureaucracy did to Einstein!

and this jolly old fellow..on the right...

This is how Charlotte, NC honors the Queen the city was named after. She looks like she was hit in the stomach with a cannonball!

"Jackalope?" on the Mall

This lovely....whatever it is...on the proudly displayed on Washington's Mall.

Statue at Arlington Cemetery

This whatever adorns Arlington Cemetery.

Horses used to have names like, "Old Paint."  I guess this one is called "Old Quilt." (R)

This lovely thing  on the left  hasn't sunk in quite far enough.

Are there any efforts being made to rid our cities and once beautiful Capitol of some of these monstrosities?


The only “clean up” effort I know of is the one that the state of Maryland has made to defile (paint over) one of the cleverest bit of “people's art” I've ever seen. To them, it's  “graffitti.”


Here's the story:  Anyone traveling the Washington Beltway...Interstate 495 going west from say College Park, Md past Silver Spring toward Virginia will round a curve and suddenly be confronted with a spectacular view of the brightly lit Mormon Temple...built there in 1974. It's breath taking!

The truckers call it Disneyland. But, whatever it's called, you can't miss it.

Overpass just prior to the Temple exit

Now as far as the “people's art” that the humorless Maryland Department of Highways keeps trying to hide is the message that someone, no one knows who, keeps writing on the railroad overpass that appears just before the exit to the temple that has brought smiles to untold numbers of travelers.


I saw it once when it read, TURN BACK DOROTHY.

Nevertheless, as I understand it, the Mormons haven't complained. The only objections  were from Maryland State Officials who seem determined to rid the state of anything that reeks of humor and replace it with "art" that average citizens laugh at.