Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Better in the ...........

By Don Nance
(via email)

Carnival Cruise Line

As you may remember Letty and I were married on June 24,1961. To celebrate our 50th anniversary we took our 
children, their spouses, and three of our grandchildren
on a Carnival Cruise Line to the Bahamas.

The picture below is the family on the ship. Start at the top:

Donnie and Ronda, Tommy and Stefanie, Charlotte and Roth is with the children, Patrick and Kim, Letty and Donald, and the three grandsons: Sam, Gabe, and Jackson.

It was wonderful have the family together. Nathan our oldest grandson was working, and Asher our two years old was to young to take on the cruise with us.
Talk with you later,