Monday, November 21, 2011

Veterans Day 11/11/11

Veterans Day in Charlotte was a special day, particularly for a group of men and women from the NC National Guard who left for a tour in Afghanistan.

Our own Obie Oakley can always be counted on to help honor fellow veterans. And this special occasion was no exception. This video is an excellent documentary of what the ceremony was like. Some of the footage was shot at Charlotte's Vietnam Memorial, which was a project that Obie played one of the major roles in building on the old Thompson Orphanage site.

Our classmate, Charles Mateer, the first American soldier killed in Laos, has a special mention on the memorial.

Watching this video reminds us of how much our veterans sacrifice for the rest of us.

They're a special breed!!

A look at Veterans Day 2011 in Charlotte, NC through the eyes of three generations of Veterans: Two men who served their country and another who is still serving, recently back from Afghanistan. These men share what this day means to them, while on that very morning, more men and women left from the NC Air National Guard to serve in the War in Afghanistan.