Thursday, December 15, 2011

Anchors Aweigh


Our own Warren and Becky Sparrow were married!

I searched the archives to learn what other events took place that day, and discovered that other than the Sparrow wedding, December 16th 1961 was arguably the slowest news day in history:
"Dummy Hoy"  the most accomplished deaf player in major league history, and who is credited  with causing the establishment of signals for safe and out calls had died the night before, but other than that, Warren and Becky's marriage was the only "headline news" of the day that the participants and all their friends will remember about that day.

Warren Sparrow reports:

    "This picture was taken in Manchester, New Hampshire, on the 16th of December 1961. At the time Becky was an RN at Boston Floating Hospital, living on Beacon Hill near Ted Kennedy. I was the Photo Officer on the USS Wasp. I called the ship the "Mighty Wasp" because of her World War II record. We fought no wars during my 36 months aboard her. I tell my friends, "We kept the peace," adding, "everyone was afraid of us."

    On the 16th of December 1961 in Manchester it was quite cold, about 7 degrees. There was snow on the ground. Many of my shipmates were there. Some were decorated World War II vets. A good time was had by all. We expect more good times at our 50th anniversary celebration even though it will not begin until the 17th.

     The lady to the left of Becky is Bridey Maye, Becky's maid of honor. She, too, worked at Boston Floating. A few months after our wedding Bridey married Bill Maye who made the highest score on the Massachusetts CPA exam the year he took the test. We have remained close friends, visiting them at their home in North Andover, MA.

    My best man, Pete Travers, is on the far left. I have not seen him since I left the Wasp in June 1962.


    PS..... Becky and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary on 16 December 2011.  We are going to spend a week at North Topsail Beach, NC, with our four children and six grandchildren, beginning 17 December and continuing until the 24th. -WS