Thursday, December 29, 2011

Golden Party!

Photo by Warren Sparrow
If there had been many more guests at Warren and Becky Sparrow's Golden Anniversary party at North Topsail Beach, NC, the beautiful barrier island might have tilted dangerously at one end.

Party headquarters for the week long celebration was a beautiful ocean-front mansion which was "home" for the 15 special Sparrow guests, who, local residents say, never seemed to rest.

Warren reports that:

"Our daughter Cathy and her husband Alex came from Kansas. Their three daughters were there. Lydia, her oldest, is in the Teach for America program in Washington, DC. Her "boyfriend" Kyle (a Kansas guy) was with us. Melanie, Lydia's younger sister, came from Kansas with her "boyfriend" whose name is also Kyle.

The baby sister of the Kansas gang, Charlotte, came, too. She is a freshman at Kansas State, following her sisters who graduated from K-State. Charlotte is a member of the Classy Cats, one of the 24-member dance team that leads the band onto the field.

We are excited for Charlotte. K-State can be seen on January 6 at the Cotton Bowl in the new Cowboy Stadium. They have sold 100,000 tickets for the K-State v. Arkansas game. Our hope is that the TV folks will show the K-State band at some time during the game."

 Long time residents of the island, most famous for it's turtle habitats, all came out to witness Warren and Becky do their polar bear imitations by taking a dip in the December North Carolina ocean....

....Which was quickly followed by a warm belly flop dive into the Mansion's hot tub. (Parental guidance is not needed for this picture, since Warren is still modestly attired in his bathing suit, in spite of the fact that it has a hole in the knee.)

" Finally, I wish you a Happy New Year. Life is quite good for us. May it be the same for you and all our classmates.  -Warren"