Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It Wasn't Raining Inside!

By Jerry Gaudet

CHS’54 brought in the New Year 2011 2012 (is that the way you’ve been writing the new near?) with a storm. Well, it wasn’t actually storming, but it was a heavily overcast day…outside, but not inside. Mary Burnett gave us cheerful table decorations in addition to the nice atmosphere provided by Jimmies

Johnny Culp finally brought wife Pat to our 38th “LDL”. It was good to have her in our midst…and Johnny looked better with Pat by his side… 

 We were concerned for Jackie (Hart) Lookabill who we knew had been scheduled for shoulder surgery yesterday. Mary Burnett called Home Depot* (there’s a story here) and learned that Jackie had done quite well and will begin rehabilitation tomorrow. *Mary called Home Depot about a home matter that had no connection to Jackie’s procedure. A “Danny” answered her call. Danny turned out to be Danny Green, LaGena (Lookabill) Green’s husband. Recognizing the family connection, Mary inquired about Jackie and got the up to the moment information that she shared with us a lunch. (We told you there was a story here).

 And then there was something about a book… Apparently looking for something to fill his time (at 93) former Central High faculty member, Mr. Gilbert Balance, has written and published his first book. Mr. Ballance taught many of us in English, Radio Production and Orientation.

 Author’s note (in the book)… “Leah’ Journey Home is a work of fiction. However, some of the novel’s characters are inspired by real people. Leah and Cary were patterned after my own mother and father, and their children were patterned after my brothers and sisters. I also did extensive research to discover some of the pressing issues of the day and the personalities behind them. The governor and the state superintendent of public instruction were actual, historical figures of the period”

Our classmate Mary (Rand Norton) Kratt, in her review of the book wrote,

 “This uplifting, suspenseful, coastal Carolina tale of young Leah’s dramatic journey from despair to joy is richly told, evoking authentic town and rural life on the edge of the Great Dismal Swamp and in Elizabeth City around 1900. A remarkable story of feminine awakening to love and to backcountry advocacy for schools, birth control, and mentoring, Leah will capture your heart.”

 Gil’s example of staying active should spur us to greater participation in life. More of us might even consider participating in “LDLs” as a New Year’s Resolution. Next month (Valentines Day) would be a good start.