Thursday, January 19, 2012

Webmaster's Report

Just a few "odds and ends" from the CHS54 ACTION CENTRAL WEBSITE HEADQUARTERS:

Our original INTERNET DOMAIN, CHS54.COM has finally gone "dark."  It no longer lets people who go to that site know that we've moved to a NEW  It just no longer exists. (It might return at some point in the future IF someone else buys that domain).

Frankly, DOT. COM domains are preferred over others because they are more common and well known, but in reality are no better than DOT NET....or DOT EDU.....or whatever. They're just easier for most people to remember.

However, your kindly, handsome, and modest webmaster felt strongly that he was getting ripped off paying more than twice the amount for what the DOT NET, etc. domains were going for.

And, being generally "jerked around.'

Other than that, they were very nice people and probably kind to animals.

Life continues to be good...and full of little surprises. I discovered that my picture appears in a new book called SHAGGING IN THE CAROLINAS.

At first, it scared the daylights out of me, until I was told that SHAGGING was a kind of a dance that our generation was doing back in high school.


Not being a dancer, I guess I missed that fad.  But apparently, that's what high school kids were doing to the kind of music Genial Gene, Chatty Hattie, Pete Toomey and I were playing on WGIV.  It was the kind of music that I first heard at Myrtle Beach and in fact, when I was interviewed for the book, I was told that it was about "Beach Music." Beach Music was another name for what was once called "Race Music," then "Rhythm and Blues," and finally settling on the name "Rock and Roll," which was taken from the lyric of the Dominoes' song "Rocket 69:"

"Rockin, Rolling,
All Night Long,
Rocket 69"

The author is a fellow named "Fessa John Hook" who undoubtedly knows more about the origin of Beach Music, Rock and Roll, the history of Beach music and the dance scenes in the Carolinas than anyone in the world.

I hesitate to tell you how to access his website because if you happen to click on one of his stories you may very well become addicted, even if you don't give a Hoot and a Holler about Beach Music.

You have been warned:

Finally, my old broadcaster friend and I still "play" TV on Fairfax Cable TV here in Virginia and we put these shows up on the internet.

Although, I personally am not crazy about watching video on the internet.I recently did a show about my neighbor friend who, for fun, built a working radio station in his basement.  I wrote about that here on the website a few months ago.

You can see it HERE.


James O'Neal - Out of the Past - 2012 from Chuck Langdon on Vimeo.