Thursday, February 02, 2012

Speakers Circuit

The more I learn of the many activities that a number of our classmates are involved in on a regular basis it makes me realize that perhaps 75 really is the new 50.

Isn't this the time of our lives when we are supposed to begin "slowing down?"

Frankly, even reading about all of the activities that some of them are involved in causes me to...well...want to take a nap.

Obie Oakley in the 60's
Consider Obie Oakley for example. Obie has become quite the military historian, having published a couple of books on the subject and is in the process of writing another which he has titled  The 23rd Engineers, From the Trenches in France to the Desert in Iraq. Obie says that it's about 70 percent done.

" I've enlisted the help of 11 others who served in the unit at different times to give me narratives of things that happened during their tours. One is particularly helpful because he came ashore at Normandy with the 23d in 1944."

Joe Epley
 He recently was asked by Amazon to review a newly released book on the battle of Kings Mountain, A Passel of Hate written by Joe Epley founder of Charlotte's Epley Associates and known as the "Godfather of Public Relations in Russia."

Along with his writing, Obie is also in demand as a speaker as you can see by this article in Highlander newspaper.